Pipette Wizard Features and Editions

All editions of Pipette Wizard can be used on a single PC with the database installed locally, or on multiple PCs accessing a centralised multi-user database server.

Pipette Wizard is available in three different editions to suit your requirements.

The Standard edition has been designed for laboratories that want to carry out routine calibration checks on their pipettes to ensure that they are performing within limits and to identify those that require servicing or replacement.

The Service Centre edition includes a balance validation function so you can demonstrate the performance of your balances used in calibrations. You can also personalise certificates and reports with your company details and logo.

The Pro edition is ideal for laboratories that are calibrating pipettes for their end-user customers. In addition to customer management the Pro edition includes customer details on reports and certificates. It also has an optional second sign off feature which allows for quality checking of certificates before they are issued.

We can include laboratory specific requirements, for instance uncertainty budget calculations or tailored certificate designs.

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Speedcal and Multichannel balance support, unlimited pipettes and calibrations, barcode pipette selection and manufacturer's test specification libraries are just some of the extensive features in Pipette Wizard

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Standard Edition

Unlimited Pipettes and calibrations

There is no limit to the number of pipettes that can be added or to the number of calibrations that can be performed.

Pipette list and search

The full list of pipettes can be easily searched by using the filters, sorting and grouping options available. The pipette list also includes the number of days until the next calibration is due (or overdue) and this can be included in the search parameters.

Barcode pipette selection

You can use a brcaode scanner to enter either the serial or ID number when you add a pipette. To quickly select a pipette from the pipette list simply scan the barcode on the pipette.

Calibration interval in months or days

The required calibration interval for each pipette can be specified either in months or days.

Calibration parameters

You can specify the number of volumes to test and the number of readings to take at each volume. For multichannel pipettes you can also select which channels are tested. Precal (as found) and Calibration (as left) can be specified. Details of the test specification (targets for volume, inaccuracy and imprecision) can also be entered along with mode.

Manufacturers test specification library

Manufacturers recommended inaccuracy and imprecision test specifications are included for over 2400 pipette models. These can be searched for by pipette make, model or volume range and simply selected from the library.

ISO8655 Maximum permissible errors

If ISO8655 is selected for the test specification then Pipette Wizard will attempt to prefill the test specification target volumes and calculate the inaccuracy and imprecision targets according to ISO8655.


You can choose to implement the new maximum permissible systematic and random error values as specified in the recently updated ISO8655:2022 specifications.

Calibration profile selection

If you have performed calibrations for a pipette with different parameters that differ from the current settings (i.e. number of readings, volumes or a different test specification) these settings can be simply recalled by selecting them from the displayed list.

Spot check calibrations

You can specify less than three readings to perform a spot check of your pipette. The calibration reports do not include inacurracy or imprecision values for spot checks.

Environmental equipment

Pipette wizard allows you to add details for multiple items of environmental equipment including barometers, thermometers and hygrometers. Details include description, serial number, date last calibrated and certificate reference.

Calibration certificates

Calibration certificates are produced as pdf documents in a choice of either portrait or landscape orientation. The calibration information is displayed slightly differently in the two orientations and the portrait certificates include a graphical interpretation of inaccuracy and imprecision.

Certificate signature

You can choose whether you include the signature of the calibration engineer on the certificates. There is a facility to upload or capture screen drawn signatures for each engineer.

Calibration history

The calibration history for each pipette is readily accessible from the pipette details screen. The history can be exported to Excel or as a pdf document.

Air temperature

You can specify whether you wish to collect and display air temperature on the calibration certificates

Average z correction

If you select this from the advanced options Pipette wizard will prompt you for the temperature and pressure values between each series of readings (target volume, channel) and apply the average Z correction value to each series of readings.

Remember me personalisation

This feature, which can be turned on and off, restores various selection criteria and other selected options when Pipette Wizard is next used on the same PC.

Balance management and setup

You can add details for multiple balances. The setup includes information required for the serial port settings and commands required for bi-directional communication with the balances. The setup also allows you to test the tare and take readings commands. Each balance added is associated with the PC connected to the balance and the required balance can be selected as part of the calibration procedure.

Bi-directional communication with balances

Pipette Wizard communicates with the connected balance to both tare and take readings as required. During calibration you can select to enter the readings manually or to take individual readings or the whole series of readings.

Speedcal and Multichannel balance support

Pipette Wizard fully supports and communicates with the Sartorius Speedcal, Speedcal mobile and the Mettler Toledo MCP105 multichannel balances.

Multiple user accounts with custom permissions

The manage users section allows you to set up different users and specify which features of Pipette Wizard are available to each user. At least one administrator level user is required and this user is specified as part of the setup wizard.

Report builder

The export report feature allows you select the data fields (or types) you want included in your report and then export to either in Excel or pdf format. The data will be exported for the pipettes selected on the main pipette list screen and will be grouped and sorted as specified. You can save and recall report templates.

Backup and restore database

Pipette Wizard includes data backup options and displays the date and time and file location of backups. You can restore backups for the single user version but SQL Server backups have to be restored by an SQL administrator externally to Pipette Wizard.

List management

There are many places where users can add entries to lists (e.g. departments, locations, pipette models etc.) and this feature allows you to correct entries made. Edits can be applied across the database as required.

Import pipettes

This feature allows you to quickly import pipette details from custom .csv or .xlsx files or directly from Picaso, Pro-soft and Quanta data files.
For imports using custom files you can ‘map’ your input data to the Pipette Wizard fields and once all required entries are complete you simply import the pipettes.
There is an option to ignore potential duplicate entries and imported batches can be easily removed.

Proxy settings

If you use a proxy server you can specify the required settings to access the internet for automatic version upgrade availability.

Multiple language support

Pipette Wizard includes translations for French, h4ish, Danish and Slovakian. Changing language is a simple menu operation and additional languages can be added on request.

Help system

Pipette Wizard includes a context sensitive help system which is activated from any screen using the F1 key. The help text can also be searched.

CFR21 Part11b compliant audit trail

Pipette Wizard records all major actions that result in a change or addition of information in the audit log including details of time and user. For data that is edited both the original and post edit data values are recorded. Logging on and off and generation and printing of reports or certificates and other actions such as creating backups are also recorded. The audit log, subject to user permission, can be filtered, viewed and exported as required.

Password strength and reset rules

Administrators can specify rules relating to login passwords. Rules include length, inclusion of numbers, special characters and upper or lower case characters. Additionally, password reset can be enforced after a specified number of days.

Automatic program updates

Each time Pipette Wizard is run, and the PC is connected to the internet, it checks to see if any new program version has been released. New versions are downloaded and installed when the user clicks on the new version available menu link.

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Service Centre edition additional features

Company address and logo

You can add you company address details and logo to certificates and reports generated by Pipette Wizard.

Balance validation and reference weights

You can enter details of your reference weights used to perform balance validations. The balance validation section allows you to select which weights to use and the number of readings to take for each weight and produces a balance validation certificate. Historical balance validation certificates are listed and can be easily reprinted or saved.

Inactivity timeout

The optional inactivity timeout feature allows you to specify the inactivity period, in minutes, that will trigger the timeout screen. The timeout screen has a ten second countdown and if the user does not choose to stay logged in they will be automatically logged out and Pipette Wizard will return to the login screen. If the same user logs in they will be returned to where they left off. New users will start at the main pipette list screen.

Copy pipette

A simple method to copy details for an existing pipette and change the serial number and ID number. Any existing test specification details are also copied.

Include uncorrected readings on certificates

This option allows you to include both the z corrected and uncorrected readings on the certificates.

Expanded Uncertainty Calculation

You can configure, and optionally combine, expanded uncertainty budgets including ISO TR/20461, user defined process uncertainty and best measurement capability. You can create separate budgets for each balance and/or user.

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Professional edition additional features


You can add multiple customers and their details. Pipettes can be assigned to customers and the customer details will be added to certificates and reports. Customers are included in the pipette filter selection criteria and the pipette list can be grouped or sorted by customer.

Second signature certificate sign-off

You can choose whether this option is enabled. Certificates requiring a second signature will be displayed in a list and the second sign off signature is added by clicking on the required certificate. Certificates are only displayed for calibrations performed by a different user to that of the logged in user.

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